BauderSOLAR System Optimisation: maximising output

A Solar Edge power optimiser is responsible for determining the individual maximum power point (MPP) of each module. This is particularly beneficial for use on partially shaded roof areas and increases output by up to 25%.

The integrated power optimisers are installed at the same time as the PV module, replacing the traditional junction box. The modules' performance can be monitored remotely and online increasing the realibility of the system.

The system allows for web-based monitoring of individual modules which identifies any issues and an automated warning system draws attention to errors accurately and at an early stage, which means that irregularities are identified before they can significantly affect the output of the solar PV system. We strive to specify the best quality, innovative inverters, such as Solar Edge, that have a range of benefits to both the end user and installer. The Solar Edge inverters allow the system to be monitored and managed as easily as possible.

Key features

  • Monitors performance of individual modules
  • Reduces need to go on roof to perform checks
  • Easy access to real time data


  • Achieve up to 25% more energy output
  • Cost effective maintenance
  • Can produce current performance reports