Flora 3 Seed Mix

The Bauder Flora 3 Seed Mix is a blend of seed, tackifier and additives developed to maximise diversity of vegetation on green roofs. Bauder Flora 3 has all the components required to improve the germination and the successful establishment of vegetation for a variety of rooftop conditions: light and shade; exposed and sheltered. The varied mix of species is designed to deliver the British native, biodiverse species required for BREEAM compliance.

Product Data
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Sub-heading General (BioSOLAR)
Description  A broad mix of low growing and some shade tollerant species ideal for most roof environments. It is also the mix Bauder recommend for BioSOLAR installations.
Flowering season April to October
Number of Species


Wild Flowers 31 (63%)
Annuals 8 (16%)
Sedge & Grasses 8 (16%)
Sedum 2 (4%)
Coverage 100g per m²
RHS Perfect for pollinators 35
Laval Food 12