BioSOLAR installation

The mounting board for the BioSOLAR roof system is a bespoke moulded landscaping component manufactured from HDPE with a deep recessed profile that provides water storage and multidirectional drainage whilst also providing a repository for the green roof substrate. A support profile is formed in the centre of the board to which the mounting arms are attached.

The boards are positioned on the top of separation and protection layers which prevent mechanical damage to the waterproofing, just as they would be specified on a conventional green roof.

The integration of PV and green roof technologies requires skill and expert understanding and there are already many examples of where biosolar roofs have been poorly designed and installed. Installations that do not perform optimally for both technologies are often as a result of people assuming that the solar panels require more technical input than the green roof. Getting the green roof element wrong can mean the vegetation is forced to grow around the panels, which results in shadowing and therefore reduced energy generation. For many PV systems shadowing on one panel can subsequently have a detrimental impact on the overall performance of the entire string of modules. 

You can be assured that your photovoltaic installation will be of the highest quality as we only allow fully trained and certified Bauder approved contractors to install our rooftop solutions.

Installation Process


1. Positioning the Mounting Boards

The mounting boards are positioned according to the array design with any areas between boards or around the perimeter finished using Bauder DSE 40 drainage board.



2. Attaching the Railing System

The aluminium arms and carrier rails are fixed into position.



3. Installing the Substrate and Vegetation

The substrate is poured into the mounting board and vegetation is introduced according to the specified desired finish.



4. Placement of the PV Modules

The PV modules are secured to the carrier rails with clamps.