Bituminous System - BauderTHERM 'Stripes' System

When to specify...

When a roof covering is reaching the end of its serviceable life, but is essentially still waterproof, the BauderTHERM 'Stripes' system can overlay the existing system to extend the life expectancy of the roof by at least 15 years, providing that the thermal properties of the roof are satisfactory and features torch-free and safe to torch installation on combustible details. This system is only suitable for refurbishment projects.

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1 Bauder SL500 capping sheet Torch bonded, heavy duty elastomeric bitumen capping sheet; 250g/m² spunbond polyester reinforcement; fire retardant.

Key features

•  Overlay membrane extends the life expectancy of the existing roof covering.
•  5.2mm thick elastomeric bitumen membrane.
•  All detailing uses two layers of membrane to give additional reinforcement at
   these more vulnerable areas.
•  Capping sheet with high tensile strength of 1000N/50mm.
•  Withstands climatic extremes of over 100C variation.
•  Expandable graphite fire retardant prevents spread of flame.


•  Heavy duty overlay membrane.
•  Life expectancy of over 15 years.
•  Resistant to European climatic conditions.

Approvals, certification and guarantee

•  Comprehensive range of guarantees for this system.

Environmental credentials

•  Reinforcement used in our capping sheets is made from recycled polyester.
•  System prevents existing roof covering being removed and sent to landfill.

Installation and maintenance

The quality and experience of the installing operative is paramount to ensuring a successful project. Bauder Approved Contractors are the only people fully trained and certified to install our products. They provide the necessary experience that our exceptional guarantee demands.

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Safe2Torch industry initiativeBauder Torch-Free Detailing Methods 

Our torch-free detail design specifically delivers secure safe application techniques in the vicinity of combustible construction materials located on, or connected to, the roof such as timber substrates or upstands; abutments to cladding, roof tiles, slates or thatch; or even debris such as dry leaf material that is at risk from ignition.  The application methods meet NFRC Guidance Document 'Safe2Torch'
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Cap Sheet Colours

Natural Slate - 

Technical Excerpt

Life expectancy: > 15 years
Bonding: thermally activated bitumen stripes for 50% adhesion
Tensile strength: 1000N/50mm
Standards: BS EN 13707:2004 Reinforced Bitumen Membrane Sheets

System data

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Torch-free detailing

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