BauderTHERM 'Stripes' System

When to specify...

When a roof covering is reaching the end of its serviceable life, but is essentially still waterproof, the BauderTHERM 'Stripes' system can overlay the existing system to extend the life expectancy of the roof by at least 15 years, providing that the thermal properties of the roof are satisfactory and features torch-free and safe to torch installation on combustible details. This system is only suitable for refurbishment projects.

Key features

  • 5.2mm thick, torch bonded elastomeric bitumen membrane
  • Life expectancy of around 20 years
  • Utilises Torch-free detailing on or adjacent to combustible construction materials
  • Stable in extreme weather conditions for temperatures ranging from -30°C to +105°C when tested to the following European Standards; cold bending test (EN 1109) and heat stability test (EN 1110)
  • Guaranteed system
1 Bauder SL500 capping sheet Torch bonded, heavy duty elastomeric bitumen capping sheet; fire retardant.
BauderTHERM ‘Stripes’ can be used over existing asphalt or reinforced bitumen membrane systems; roofs with a traditional chipping finish may also be suitable if the existing finish can either be adequately removed by a suitable mechanical scarifying machine, or overlaid with a recovery board. Refurbishment of roofs containing insulation are also suitable, providing they do not suffer from moisture contamination or degradation problems.

It is possible to overlay existing waterproofing where a small amount of entrapped moisture is present, as the stripes finish to the underside of the SL500 cap sheet allows any vapour pressure to dissipate in a controlled fashion, reducing the possibility of surface blistering after installation.

BauderTHERM ‘Stripes’ consists of a single layer membrane with two layers provided at all upstands and details to provide extra reinforcement at these more vulnerable areas and a longer life expectancy for the roof.

The underside of the Bauder SL500 membrane features a highly adhesive thermally activated SBS elastomeric bitumen resin, set in a ‘stripes’ bonding pattern at pre-determined intervals across the membrane surface. This unique bonding pattern ensures an accurate 50% bond to the existing waterproofing beneath. The area between the stripes is coated with a special mica finish that remains unbonded, allowing room for any future expansion of moisture vapour that may be present in the overlaid system. This technology helps to reduce the likelihood of interlayer blistering after installation, which is commonly associated with traditional overlays.

Cap sheet colours

Grey slate

Approvals, certification and guarantee

Environmental credentials

  • System prevents existing roof covering being removed and sent to landfill.

Installation and maintenance

The quality and experience of the installing operative is paramount to ensuring a successful project. Bauder Approved Contractors are the only people fully trained and certified to install our products. They provide the necessary experience that our exceptional guarantee demands.

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Safe2Torch industry initiativeBauder Torch-Free Detailing Methods 

Our torch-free detail design specifically delivers secure safe application techniques in the vicinity of combustible construction materials located on, or connected to, the roof such as timber substrates or upstands; abutments to cladding, roof tiles, slates or thatch; or even debris such as dry leaf material that is at risk from ignition.  The application methods meet NFRC Guidance Document 'Safe2Torch'
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