Upgrading insulation on a roof

Increasing the thermal insulation within a roof makes perfect sense and has many benefits to the building, its reduction in energy usage for heating or air conditioning as well as supporting the environment.

Many current flat roofs will require the addition of insulation in order to meet current Building Regulations, and this is added ideally as the waterproofing is renewed.

Installing a warm roof construction on a current building may create challenges, particularly if threshold heights are restrictive.  The Bauder Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) is designed especially for installation on roofs or balconies where height is a constraint. BauderVIP is the thinnest and highest performing insulation within our portfolio, with the vacuum core achieving a thermal conductivity of 0.0072W/mK.

A profiled sheet metal roof can also be a challenge to upgrade the insulation on and for this we have an insulation overlay system whereby the insulation is manufactured to match the profiles on the roof and a sample created to ensure a tight fit before full installation takes place.

Calculating the insulation required can be completed by our technical team as you may be considering adding to the values currently achieved or stripping off the current insulation and replacing with new, especially if any water ingress has occurred within the system and the insulant has become saturated. 

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If you need to calculate how much insulation you need, just request a callback from one of our technical team or just get in touch by phone