System solutions for roof refurbishments

Reviving a roof before water ingress occurs is far more cost effective than only working to rectify issues when a roof is reaching the end of its serviceable life and begins to fail. Our range of waterproofing membranes can be combined to deliver a solution that meets your expectations and matches the building's requirements including meeting current UK Building Regulations Part B for fire protection.

Re-establishing the integrity of your flat roof takes careful consideration, and we understand that you want to ensure your refurbished roof will be correctly specified to; meet the needs of the building, your budget, be reliable, trouble-free, and long lasting as well as come with a comprehensive guarantee.

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Replacement roof

>> Bitumen membrane systems
Exceptionally durable and robust waterproofing with BBA certification and comprehensive guarantees.

>> Cold applied liquid
Simple installation and long lasting, ideal for roofs with complex detailing. BBA Approved.

>> Flame-free bitumen membranes
Designed for use where the use of hot works would be prohibited.

Overlaying a roof


>> Bitumen membrane system
Torch applied or self adhesive membranes depending on the existing roof covering.

>> Cold applied liquid
Warm roof overlay using a vapour barrier and carrier membrane within the build up.


>> Bitumen membrane system
Two layer system installed as a cold roof where the existing insulation still meets building regulations.

>> Cold applied liquid
Applied to a wide variety of existing substrates as well as most waterproofing membrane.

>> Bitumen single layer overlay
Unique SL500 membrane used to directly ovelay a current roof that doesn't have water ingress.

Adding photovoltaics
>> Renewable energy on a building
Ideally installed at the same time as renewal of the flat roof waterproofing system.
Adding a green roof
>> Lightweight extensive green roof
These can generally be installed without additional structural implications.