Thermographic imaging flat roofs

Thermographic roof surveys are conducted using an infrared camera to identify the locations of thermal irregularities and energy inefficiencies due to destructive water damage within the roof build up.

This diagnostic method is best suited to situations where only a single layer of insulation is between the vapour control layer and the waterproofing membrane.  Our analytical report includes visual evidence of the roof’s condition and also quantifies the building’s energy loss, so that we can help the client improve their roof’s thermal efficiency.

Testing Method Key Features 

  • Decisions for roof repair are based on thermographic imaging which identifies heat loss due to damaged insulation
  • Testing single layer roof systems
  • Night-time survey photography

Thermography survey camera

Thermographic testing must be performed at night-time when the roof surface has sufficiently cooled. The thermal image instantly shows temperature differences that verify wet and dry areas as moisture conducts heat faster than any parts that are dry, making roof leaks much easier to identify.

Flat roof survey

Daytime observation of a roof area at Shaftesbury Court
with no apparent signs of water ingress. 

Thermographic photograph of roof area 1

Night-time thermographic image of the same roof area
at Shaftesbury, where the yellow parts on the roof show
heat loss and damaged insulation because of water ingress.