Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP)

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BauderVIP is a vacuum insulation panel designed to provide high thermal performance in areas with limited installation height and is ideally suited for terrace and balcony applications.

Bauder VIP insulation panel
Image shows the vacuum core - this is protected by a 3mm rubber crumb on the base and 17mm PIR on the top.  The vacuum core is not visible when supplied as it is fully protected.

Bauder VIP Technical Data
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Board size (mm) 1000 x 1000
1000 x 500
Weight (Kg/m3) 13 per 60mm approx
Thickness (mm) 60 mm total
High density PIR 17 mm
Vacuum core 40 mm
Rubber crumb base 3 mm
Surface finish Top: High density PIR
Core: Pyrogenic silica vacuum
Underside: Rubber granulate
Thermal conductivity (Lambda Value W/mK) 0.009
Compressive strength (N/mm²) Min. 0.12