Set within the Garscbue Estate, Archial Group, the Architect, wanted a new build project with as minimal visual impact as possible, so the building was constructed within the side of a hill with a green roof. Towards the end of the roof’s construction a seeded grass finish was opted for.

Past experience proves that the open texture of traditional substrates can allow the seed to be blown off the roof and to migrate down into the growing medium to a point where it cannot germinate properly, creating a patchy finish. To prevent this, Bauder developed a specialist seed bed substrate mix to be used as a topdressing over their traditional intensive substrate, allowing the use of a grass seed mix that could easily blend with the surrounding grassland.

The seeds were dressed onto this top-dressing using traditional sowing techniques and equipment, which delivered both optimum germination and the swift establishment of a healthy, even greensward. The building seamlessly blends into its surroundings, inviting visitors to explore the roof top vantage.

Bauder Building Board

Client: University of Glasgow
Location: Glasgow
Roof Area: 2,800m²​
Architect: Davis Duncan Architects 
Contractor: Advanced Roofing Systems

Applied Products

Bauder Seeded Green Roof uses a specifically developed seed bed substrate mix to encourage the roofs integration with the surrounding environment.

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