Bespoke biodiverse green roofs

When to specify...

Biodiverse roofs are designed to create a wide range of different habitats. This includes undulating substrates, piles of stone and dead wood, bare sandy areas and dew ponds. This matrix of different habitat allows the broadest range of flora and fauna to thrive. Bauder have worked with Buglife to produce specifications that ensure the roof areas maximize their ecological potential. 

Key features

•  Fully FLL and GRO compliant systems
•  Buglife approved
•  Low system weight
•  Typically circa 150kg/m2
•  Height of system typically 150-200mm
•  13.5 Ltr of water retention within drainage board
•  Plant selection is bespoke to the project and can incorporate native species vegetation to gain BREEAM credits


•  Assists in maximising the building's potential to meet a BAP
•  Vegetation can be chosen to fulfill BREEAM requirements
•  System helps mitigate flooding
•  Substrate meets FLL European Standards
•  Low weight system allows for design flexibility
1 Vegetation (individually selected British native plants to meet desired finish) Where the client wishes to choose the particular type and species of vegetation. The 'plugs' are planted by hand to the required density. The more plugs per square metre, the faster the vegetation will establish to cover the roof entirely.

British Native seed mixes
These mixes can be used as a mix on there own, or combined with Bauder British native plugs or other mixes to give a wider vegetation sellection

Plug plants
The 'plugs' are varieties of sedums, grasses, herbs and perennials and are planted by hand to the required density. 

Wildflower blanket
Vegetation blanket which contains a broad mix of British Wildflowers grown in substrate on a coir carrier.
Biodiverse substrate (usually 100mm deep to support the selected plants) Lightweight growing medium manufactured to FLL guidelines.
Filter fleece Polypropylene fleece to prevent substrate fines from entering the drainage element.
DSE 40 water retention and drainage layer Multi-functional water storage and drainage layer.
5 FSM 600 protection layer Protection layer to prevent mechanical damage to the waterproofing system.
Bauder waterproofing Shown here with Plant E root resistant, SBS modified bitumen membrane reinforced with 250g/m² recycled spunbond polyester. 

Approvals, certification and guarantee

•  Comprehensive range of guarantees for this system
•  Substrate, filtration layers and drainage boards comply with FLL guidelines

Environmental credentials

•  Substrates include a high proportion of recycled crushed brick and aggregate
•  Protection, filtration and isolation layers manufactured from recycled materials
•  DSE40 is manufactured from recycled polyethylene

Installation and maintenance

The quality and experience of the installing operative is paramount to ensuring a successful project. Bauder Approved Contractors are the only people fully trained and certified to install our products. They provide the necessary experience that our exceptional guarantee demands.