Bauder showcases award winning system at Architecture and Building Expo, Dublin.

 This weekend saw the 5th annual Architecture and Building Show at the RDS in Dublin. Bauder was there to exhibit a variety of flat roof systems including the BauderBLUE SuDS solution which won the Architect’s choice award last year.

The Bauder stand featured a stripped back display to show clearly the products used in a BauderBLUE system and the way in which they work together to attenuate storm water. An animation accompanied the build up to show how the system operates during wet weather, heavy rain and in a severe storm situation.

BauderBLUE system

The products used in a blue roof sit in layers above either hot melt or bituminous waterproofing. A typical build up would comprise: The BauderBLUE water attenuation system can also be upgraded with green and PV elements. Bauder has a unique solar photovoltaic (PV) mounting system, BioSOLAR, that is specifically designed to allow the combination of biodiverse green roofs and solar PV whilst having the ability to be installed atop the SuDS blue roof void construction.

The PV system utilises the green roof substrate as ballast removing the need for penetrating the waterproofing to secure the mounting units to the roof and ensuring that the entire roof area can be considered a biodiverse green roof. The void structure beneath allows free-flowing multi-directional water movement to specifically engineered outlets that restrict the total allowable water discharge to meet planning requirements.

To learn more about BauderBLUE, head to our blue roof section. Also, look out for our feature on blue roofs in Irish Building magazine next month.