• Posted by Tom Raftery PV Product Manager on 16 Sep 2016 at 2:55pm - tagged with 2016, biosolar

    Improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings is an ever-increasingly important challenge. By retrofitting photovoltaic (PV) panels onto a roof it can not only produce electricity for the building’s use, but it also brings all the benefits of low maintenance renewable energy generation to your project that can assist with meeting crucial sustainability targets. However, retrofitting a roof with renewables brings with it many additional considerations that are not necessarily relevant in new build applications...

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  • 02 Jun 2016 at 10:57am

    Introducing Biosolar

    Posted by Chris Roddick Green Roof Product Manager on 02 Jun 2016 at 10:57am - tagged with 2015, bauder, biosolar

    Bauder BioSOLARDeciding between installing a green roof and photovoltaics (PV) has been a question faced by many industry professionals over the years; however these two technologies are no longer mutually exclusive options with the introduction of biosolar roofs…

    A biosolar roof is the successful combination of biodiverse and extensive green roofs with photovoltaic systems, delivering a duality of technologies for environmental advantage and increased profitability for your client or building owner. 

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