19 Feb 2018 at 1:23pm

BauderBLUE to launch at Ecobuild

Posted by Nigel Blacklock Technical Director on 19 Feb 2018 at 1:23pm - tagged with ecobuild, blue roofs

Bauder, the flat roofing manufacturer, is launching its rooftop SuDS, the BauderBLUE Roof System, at Ecobuild.  The project specific, technically designed flow restrictor flat roof outlet is a solution for construction within urban areas where options for ground-based attenuation systems are limited, and where development is being carried out within flood sensitive areas.

Ecobuild is the market leading event for sustainability and innovation in the construction industry for those serious about the future of the built environment. Bauder will be attending for the fifteenth year running exhibiting within the Green and Blue Infrastructure zone to launch its blue roof system, BauderBLUE.

Climate change is causing more extreme weather patterns, presenting new challenges to the flat roofing industry with the increase in excessive rainfall resulting in flash flooding and standing water. Structures with flat roofs are more prone to retention and urban areas are subject to flooding due to the limited natural infiltration. To combat these issues, Bauder has originated a Blue Roof System which will simultaneously attenuate heavy rainfall and manage its discharge over a 12-24-hour period. This limits water egress to 5-10 litres per second per hectare, the same flow rates for regional greenfield sites.

‘The Bauder brand is recognised for the proactive approach we take to developing our roof systems and the high standards to which we deliver. With the introduction of the SuDS legislation and the subsequent requirements for developments in built up and flood sensitive areas, the evolution of our ever-popular green roof system was a natural process. Using rooftop and podium solutions will address the excess water issue at source by providing the necessary drainage to ensure structural integrity along with regulation compliance and optimal waterproofing’

 Nigel Blacklock, Technical Director at Bauder.

Bauder is holding an official launch of the new BauderBLUE solution on its Ecobuild stand at 11.30am on Tuesday 6th March. Bauder will also be showcasing its full range of flat roof waterproofing solutions including bituminous, single ply, hot melt and cold liquid applied systems, green roofs, and Solar PV. Book your VIP attendance now.