02 Jun 2016 at 10:57am

Introducing Biosolar

Posted by Chris Roddick Green Roof Product Manager on 02 Jun 2016 at 10:57am - tagged with 2015, bauder, biosolar

Bauder BioSOLARDeciding between installing a green roof and photovoltaics (PV) has been a question faced by many industry professionals over the years; however these two technologies are no longer mutually exclusive options with the introduction of biosolar roofs…

A biosolar roof is the successful combination of biodiverse and extensive green roofs with photovoltaic systems, delivering a duality of technologies for environmental advantage and increased profitability for your client or building owner. 

Biosolar roofs deliver all the benefits of green roofs and solar power in a synergy of technologies that maximises PV output and the footprint for the green roof: 

- Cooling effect of vegetation increases solar output by up to 5%
- Green roof element acts as ballast so waterproofing is not penetrated
- Entire roof qualifies as biodiverse green roof by maximising area for vegetation
- Shade tolerant species thrive under PV creating more diverse flora and fauna community

Suitable for both new build and refurbishment applications, the biosolar system can be retrofitted on many existing roofs without the need for any structural modification to the building. Weight loadings and design calculations are obviously an important factor when surveying a building to determine its suitability for a biosolar roof; however these are all included within a free Bauder roof survey that can be utilised by structural engineers to confirm feasibility, ensuring a comprehensive appraisal for your project. 

Flat roof manufacturer Bauder was the first company to introduce green roofs to the UK market over 30 years ago and it has now launched its own innovative PV mounting system for green roofs, Bauder BioSOLAR, which is set 300mm above the level of the substrate to allow light and moisture to the vegetation, and for easy maintenance access. 

With Bauder able to supply and install all of the waterproofing, green roof and PV elements it gives you total confidence that the solution is the right one for you and your clients, with single point responsibility for all the roofing components.


Chris Roddick
Green Roof Project Manager