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Surveying a flat roof to determine its condition is challenging when you cannot detect the extent of the issues it’s experiencing through a visual assessment. The non-destructive technical roof diagnostic methods of thermography and moisture mapping pinpoint the exact location and levels of moisture within a failing roof. The results give objective evidence so that a client or building owner can understand the degree of damage to their building’s roof and appreciate the specific combination of remedial action required for its repair, removal or overlay to reinstate waterproof integrity...

Thermographic Surveys use infrared cameras to reveal differences in surface temperatures. During the day a roof absorbs solar energy, which is then radiated back out at night. Areas of moisture retain heat longer than dry areas, and infrared equipment can detect these warm spots displaying them as images, which a professional can interpret to identify water ingress.
Moisture Mapping pinpoints dampness in a roof construction by detecting hydrogen ions, which indicates water ingress. Neutrons emitted from a moisture gauge collide with exposed hydrogen neutrons, slowing them down. By observing speed variations of the neutrons it is possible to identify moisture levels deep within the roof. Readings are taken at predetermined grid intersections, creating a detailed topographic map of moisture concentration to depths of up to 300mm.

These moisture detection methods are a quick, low-cost, graphical way of assessing a roof’s performance, and can be commissioned alongside a Bauder roof evaluation survey. Bauder uses market leading equipment from FLIR and Troxler, both trusted for accuracy of results and reliability, to analyse and recommend the best course of action for the building. The extensive portfolio of waterproofing solutions offered by Bauder allows it to identify which of its various systems is best suited to the building taking into account geographical location and exposure, rooftop plant and equipment, frequency of access required, life expectancy and budget for the entire works. To find out more about how you can benefit from using Bauder roof survey services with roof moisture detection methods contact Bauder on 0845 2718800.

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