Pro F System

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The Pro F single layer bitumen system is suitable for warm roof scenarios on both new build and refurbishment projects. Designed to be installed on flat roofs with a minimum fall of 1:60 (1 degree) and roofs with slopes up to 25°.


Pro F - mechanically fixed system

1 Bauder Pro F cap sheet download product datasheet pdf
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PIR FA-TE insulation
download FA-TE datasheet
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3 BauderTEC DBR download product datasheet pdf
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ADHERED   Product Data
Bauder Pro F - adhered system 1 Bauder Pro F cap sheet download product datasheet pdf
Download the product DoP
2 PIR flatboard insulation Download PIR datasheetDownload PIR DoP
3 EVA 35 vapour barrier Download datasheetDownload DoP
  • Key features
    •  5.2mm thick elastomeric bitumen membrane
    •  Capping sheet with high tensile strength of 1000N/50mm
    •  Flame-free option available for installation processes
    •  Withstands climatic extremes of over 100C variation
    •  Expandable graphite fire retardant prevents spread of flame
  • Benefits
    •  Heavy duty, robust and extremely tough
    •  Life expectancy of over 30 years
    •  Avoids inherent risks of using a naked flame
    •  Resistant to European climatic conditions
    •  Satisfies requirements of Part B of Building Regulations
  • Approvals, certification and guarantee
    •  Comprehensive range of guarantees for this system
    •  Certified to EOTA and UEAtc standards by SINTEF Reinforced Bitumen
    •  BS 476 Part 3 fire tested
  • Environmental credentials
    •  Reinforcement used in our capping sheets is made from recycled polyester
    •  Bauder insulation is CFC and HCFC free with zero ODP
      BRE Green Guide Generic A Rating (A+ to E scale) for PIR insulation
  • Installation and maintenance
    The quality and experience of the installing operative is paramount to ensuring a successful project. Bauder Approved Contractors are the only people fully trained and certified to install our products. They provide the necessary experience that our exceptional guarantee demands.