Bauder is committed to reducing the impact its business and manufacturing operations have on society and the environment. We aim to communicate to our clients and all stakeholders about sustainability issues in a straight forward and easy to understand manner.

In order to manage our environmental initiatives Bauder has implemented an environmental management system that is championed by all our staff. This helps us monitor our environmental performance ensuring we meet the requirements of our ISO 14001 accreditation. Under this framework Bauder pursues the objectives below, highlighting the strategic importance of our Environmental Policy.

  • Reduce emissions and prevent pollution
  • Improve waste management practices
  • Reduce consumption of natural resources
  • Assist in the management of ecology
  • Make environmental information readily available

Protecting the environment

Below are just a few ways in which Bauder recycles and carefully manages its resources to reduce its operating impacts and help protect our environment:

Recycled content

Recycled car tyres, clothing, polystyrene, hard core and even organic waste are used to create Bauder products. Our clients are able to specify membranes with recycled content of up to 25% and green roof systems with 81% recycled content by volume.


The embodied energy of Bauder’s rigid polyurethane insulation accounts for just 4% of the energy the board can save during its serviceable life. With buildings using 50% of the energy consumption in Europe the inclusion of insulation can play a big part in reducing CO2 emissions. The thermal performance of Bauder green roofs also plays a significant role in reducing energy requirements, particularly in the cooling of buildings.


Bauder operates a fleet policy that ensures the correct choices are made with regards to vehicles, fuel type and route planning. Our haulage partners operate a modern fleet of vehicles that offer reduced fuel consumption and by utilising local distribution hubs Bauder is able to offer just in time deliveries further minimising the impact on both the environment and local communities.‚Äč


Bauder aims to manufacture the highest quality flat roofing systems that offer the longest service life and provide lower whole life costs. We also look to improve our manufacturing processes to reduce cost, waste and emissions. Our manufacturing plants carry ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 for Energy Management